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Home and Interior Design Ideas | September 20, 2014

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10 Kitchen Bench Top Renovation ideas

| On 05, Feb 2014

Absolute Black Granite Kitchen Bench Top

If you have a kitchen featuring benches with bright or busy colors it can really date the whole look. Your kitchen benches will come out looking brand new and you’ll have plenty of money left in the kitty. With this kitchen bench renovation kit, bench tops can be refreshed with the contemporary look of natural stone. It offers a simple and affordable way to update worn or damaged laminate bench tops, creating a desirable and durable new surface in a choice of colors to suit different kitchen schemes.

  1. Clean all the grease and grim from the old, existing laminate. Do not try to take off the existing laminate as this will break off in pieces and leave you with an uneven surface, which then cannot be relaminated.
  2. Remove your sink and stove. The sink will be screwed from underneath, but the cook top may just lift straight out. You can leave the stove connected but you’ll probably have to turn off the water to disconnect the sink if the flexible water connections aren’t long enough to manoeuvre it out of the way, or if it has solid connections.
  3. Map out your proposed new kitchen and make sure you solve as many of the problems of your existing kitchen as is possible in the confines of the space you have. That means making notes and drawing up plans to scale so you are sure of what you are working with.
  4. Bench top installation can be done by your builder, renovator or a specialist. Splash backs in glass, stone; treated wood or stainless-steel are generally installed directly following the bench tops.
  5. Granite transformations were fantastic. It now looks like I have really expensive granite bench tops and was done in a day. It certainly isn’t the cheapest option but it comes up fab.
  6. If tiling (or retiling) a splash back, allow time to strip existing tiles, prepare surfaces, lay new tiles, drying time and grouting. If planning to resurface tiles, do a sample section before proceeding.
  7. Before drawing up plans, check current government environmental guidelines for home renovations. To ensure your kitchen renovation makes the room more eco-friendly, consider:
  8. If your kitchen renovation project involves re-painting with a laquer finish, you will need to choose the level of gloss finish you prefer.
  9. There can be considerable savings made with a kitchen renovation.  Depending on the type of kitchen and the condition of the bench tops, savings of up to 60% can be achieved over the cost of a completely new kitchen.
  10. If hiring an interior designer or kitchen renovator, schedule an initial inspection and consultation. At this meeting, they’ll assess and measure the space and discuss design options with respect to layout, lighting, flooring, appliances, cabinetry, fittings and finishes; then come up with a detailed, itemized plan.

Martich Grey Granite Kitchen Bench Top Private Residence